Azure BeersAzure Beers

App for counting beers with AI. Model was trained on Microsoft Azure.


Codeventure is a game for primary school children that develops logical thinking.

Dasak LunchDasak Lunch

Dasak Lunch is app for photos of lunches on Dašák in Pardubice.

Delta TimeDelta Time

DeltaTime is countdown app that show how much time is left until the end of the hour. I even show current subject and lunch.


Graduation is website with graduation questions.

Keychain GeneratorKeychain Generator

Keychain Generator is app for generating keychains 3D models.

Minecraft DashboardMinecraft Dashboard

Minecraft Dashboard is webpage showing current state of Minecraft server.

Paper DockerPaper Docker

Paper Docker is the easiest way to run Minecraft server.


ParduGO is website for planning actions in Pardubice. It was made on hackathon for Foxconn.

Think NumberThink Number

Game for you to guess the generated nubmer.